Oh Baby!

It's been a while since I've posted but it doesn't mean I haven't been super busy creating beautiful stationery. I absolutely love children stationery and I love customizing them even more. One day when time is on my side I will take real life pictures of my stationery and post them for the world to see but for now the digital design will have to work. The demands of motherhood and working a full time job that I love keeps me very busy so I have very little time for blogging....but   I thank GOD for each and every customer because it allows me to use my GOD given talent to bring Glory to HIS name.

This summer it is my goal to post more and hopefully create a blogging schedule that will keep me and you interested.

Talk to you soon

Gwen and Anthony

I created this save the date for Gwen and Anthony who will
recite their nuptials in the beautiful city of San Pedro, California

Congratulations Gwen and Anthony
Happy Planning,


Nautical Inspired Save The Date

I created this nautical inspired save the date for April and Jason
who will recite their nuptials on beautiful Coronado Island in sunny California.
Congratulations April and Johnson.

Happy Planning,

Gucci Inspired

I don't normally work with company logos because I prefer creating my own designs however I was contacted at the very last minute to create a digital design to be sent out to guest via email and text because there had been a change in the event. This was the end result.

Im back

I recently received a request to design Save The Dates for a May 2013 wedding. Although I am very grateful for the opportunity I'm a little leary about jumping back into the wedding stationery business. A few years ago I decided to take a break from designing wedding stationery because (1) I was tired of the bridezilla's and (2) I had a new found love for children party stationery which made my decision to say good bye to wedding stationery so much easier. However I must admit that this recent request has sparked a flame that I thought had completely burned out. My love of stationery, DIY projects and party planning is back and I've been bit by the blog bug so I guess I'm back for a while...Stay tuned for some great post.